Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Wyatt

Every year Wyatt celebrates his birthday while we are at the beach.  It seems like just yesterday that the hubs and I were "arguing" over what to name our second born child.   He wanted something, shall we say, creative, and I didn't want my child to be made fun of in school, lol.  
We knew his (if it was a boy) middle name would be Daniel after the hubs and his father.  THAT part was easy.  My whole pregnancy, we had NO FIRST NAME picked out for this kid.  Some of the names we liked were already taken by older kids living around us.
Don't laugh people, I was stressed to no end about it.  Finally, with two weeks to go until my due date, I sat the hubs down and demanded that we pick out a name that we both loved.  He agreed and stated, "Moses".  Let me just say here that I didn't find that the least bit funny.  
Then he thought we should put some random letters in a hat and draw them out and make a name like that.  Again, not funny.  Next he thought we could continue on with the tribes of Israel (like Levi) and chose Gad.  Nada.
Finally, he said,"If we went to the hospital tonight what would you pick?"  I thought over the names we had thrown around early on in the pregnancy and stated a name we both liked, "WYATT!"  The only reason we had thrown it out was because of how people would pronounce it here in the South...Whytt.  He said, "Great, I like it."  I couldn't believe it was over!  "Only, we are going to call him Wyatt... not Whytt," I replied.  "Okay.... Wyatt Daniel it is, what does Wyatt mean?" he asked.    "Mighty Warrior, brave, or something like that, " I said.   "Good enough, he is going to need to be tough coming along second," he said.  
And just like that it was over.  Two weeks later, on my actual due date I went into labor.  ALL DAY LONG.  The next morning, Wyatt was born via c-section.  All eight pounds 21 inches of him.  With a tiny bit of blond fuzz on his head.  And it started..... lol.


Rockin' it up said...

i'm so glad Wyatt liked the book. Did he finish it?

Shannon said...

I'm not sure, I'll go ask him.

Fantastagirl said...

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

Shannon said...

Yes, he finished the book on the way home from the beach. He wants the whole series now, lol. If we are lucky they will be on his level and he can test on them for fourth grade Reading Counts.