Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pouting and Girls

Lest you think that we never went out on the beach, here is proof otherwise.  
The last two days we stayed out there all day.  We even ate lunch out there and waited on the ice cream cart to come by.  (F.Y.I. three dollars a cone is highway robbery, but they know you aren't going to walk ALL the way back to your house for some, lol)
Two girls played with L all day.  Right before they left the older one asked him something to which we heard him reply, no.  I asked L what she said.  "Oh, she just asked me if I had a girlfriend," he nonchalantly told us.  Then ran back into the ocean.  The hubs looked over at me and said, "It just started.... are you ready?"   
After all that girl drama, the hubs and the boys threw the football around.  S wanted the ball all for himself.  His world revolves around the hubs.  And in his mind the ball should only be thrown to HIM.
Here he is pouting because the hubs threw the ball to L and W.
Still pouting.
G looks on, and asks S what is the matter.  As you can see, he is not overly concerned. 
Finally, the hubs explains that we each have to wait on our turn.
Ahhh, all is well once again.


Carolina Mama said...

Oh we love gymnastics too! They are rocking the house too. Nastia's attitude is great! ;)

OK, you will have the best Christmas card choices ever! These are awesome! :)

Shannon said...


Heather's World said...

NOOOO!!! L can't be old enough for girls to notice him! AHHHHH!!!!