Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What's That?

We were sitting in our chairs on the beach one day, when the husband pointed at something.
H- What's THAT?
Me- Hmmm?
H- WHAT is that? 
I looked over at him, only to find him pointing at something on the chair in between our chairs.  S had been sitting there not two minutes before the discovery.  We made eye contact.
Me- Welllll, it is either a smeared chocolate teddy graham, or poop.
H- (starts laughing)
Me- I will give you twenty dollars if you will stick your finger in it and smell it.
H- Not gonna happen.  (neither of us have forgotten the days of checking a diaper only to discover poop coming up the back and now on our hands)
Me- It REALLY looks like poop.
H- I know!
Me- Buddy, did you poop in your bathing suit?
S- (shrugs his shoulders)
H- Check it.
Me- Buddy, come over here.  (nothing was there)  Well, that solves that mystery.  It WAS a teddy graham!
H- (laughing hysterically) Yeah, but the buddy acted like he didn't know if he had pooped his pants or not.  He was like "I don't know, maybe".
Me- (as I wiped it off the chair) I can't believe how MUCH that looked like poop!
H- Tell me about it!  Wait until Jason and Angie hear about THIS.  (still laughing hysterically)


Heather's World said...

I love these stories! :-) Its always an adventure!

Shannon said...

Yep, lol.

farmersdaughter4ever said...

that is SO the best story I have heard in a while!...I love it, and so could imagine the same conversation between me and Alex!...SO funny!...but we are still in the days of poop in the pants and the war of who discovered it changes it!...just the other day I heard Alex telling Ian "it's time to use the potty, Daddy can't handle the smell of your poop anymore!" to which is says "ok daddy"...if only it was that easy!lol!

Kelsey said...

That is too funny haha