Thursday, July 17, 2008


This year I rented bikes at the beach.  I highly recommend the place right down from the beach house.  It is 20 dollars cheaper, per bike, than the places on the strip. Only.... rent them on Saturday and don't wait until Monday like I did.  W got the LAST dirt bike they had, so L had to rent an adults bike.  He wasn't thrilled, but he liked riding it once he got the hang of it.
I always think to myself, boy if we lived down here I could really get into shape riding every evening with L and W.  Everything is flat and the breeze is always blowing.  Then I thought to myself, wait, if we lived down here, the husband would be working and wouldn't be home early enough to sit in the house with the buddies.  Poop sandwich on that pipe dream.
Oh well, lol.  We rode every afternoon and evening.  Our normal ride involved going down to the pedestrian bridges across the wetlands and coming out at the rec center.  (sometimes we went inside for a drink and to "peruse" in the AC)  Then we went on down to 40th and came home.
One day we rode all the way to Eagles.  W thought he was going to DIE.  Literally, the complaining was out of control.  You would have thought we had ridden 100 miles or something.
The funny part was, as soon as we entered the store he was F.I.N.E.  Energy level returned and the kid was ready to shop.  He even had the nerve to ask if we were stopping at Dairy Queen on the ride home, lol.

Please pray that my Dad, Patrick, and Shaun get their flight out of Madang today.  And start the long journey home safely.


Cliff said...

Good report on your trip. You guys really know how to vacation.
Ours will have to wait until I can shut 6 irrigation wells down.
Count me out of the 'poop sandwich.'

Anonymous said...

Well, they didn't get out of Madang okay. There is a labor strike and they'll miss their Brisbane, Australia flight. Not only that, but Brisbane is saying they don't have a flight till Monday and the guys are responsible for their own lodging till then. It's possible they could get here Saturday, if they can just get a flight out of Brisbane. On top of that Patsy is in the hospital for another day. I know they're all in God's hands, but I sure need my husband.

Carolina Mama said...

Oh these are adorable. Prayers for your Dad, P and S. God Bless. Love the pictures.

Flip Flop Momma said...

great pics...

i wann be there right now.

Kelsey said...

Wow you guys just had a great trip! Isnt it just nice to have take a bike ride?