Friday, July 18, 2008

Marina and Home

One evening we decided to eat supper at the marina.  On the way, we stopped by the spot where the new bridge crossing the waterway will be.  Pretty neat!  The boys will be able to tell their kids that they saw the bridge being built, and THEIR kids will think they are ancient, lol.
Here we are waiting for our table.  There is a crab pulling a jellyfish around in the water.  Amazing what can catch their attention for any length of time.
The food?  Only the best, darn, seafood I have ever had.  (next to my granddaddy's, that is)  I LOVE broiled shrimp and grits.  
The waitress was just great, and handled the kids wonderfully.  Which, by the way, they were on their best behavior.  S even fell asleep after he ate his food!
Here is the crew "cheesing" before the ride back home.  Note:  I am not responsible for the mess in the rear of the car.  The husband packed it up ( and I use that term loosely).  Ya'll KNOW how I am about those things.  He wouldn't let me see it, and even helped unload, so I wouldn't freak out about how everything was stuffed into the back.  Next trip I am going to take a pic of the rear after I have packed it, and the rear after HE has stuffed it.  If you have seen Flipping Out, I am boarder line O.C.D. on the organizing, and totally get Jeff Lewis, lol.  

Happy Birthday to Me :)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to my beautiful oldest child! I'm way too young to have a daughter 36! I just remember being pregnant in 1972, at age 23, and laying around my mom's pool in a two piece bathing suit. There were no maternity bathing suits that I knew of. I must have looked ridiculous. Thankfully no pictures remain of that time. Shannon, you were such a good baby, and a good daughter I might add. Now, you are a good wife and mom. I love you!
Oh by the way, your father got out of Madang, New Guinea, and is now in Sydney, Australia. He will leave later today, tomorrow for them, and hopefully arrive in Charlotte tomorrow evening around 7.

Shannon said...

Thanks mom!!! Relieved that Daddy is in Australia and not stuck in New Guinea.

Fantastagirl said...

Happy Birthday Shannon!

I so understand the packing concepts - some men get it, and some men don't.

Looks like another great day on vacation - thanks for sharing photos!

Kelsey said...

Well Happy Birthday to you!!!