Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The husband called me the other day to see if UPS had delivered a series of packages.  I walked over to the shop, nothing.  He had me call the company to find out where it was.
So I did.  A NICE Southern man answered the phone.  He was all "Hun" this and "Hun" that.  It was cracking me up, but I do love talking to really polite Southerners on the phone.  It turns out the husbands billing info wasn't correct, but this guy had ALREADY shipped out the package anyway!
Who does that these days?  What if we never paid for the attachments?  They weren't cheap, and yet this fella had faith that we would indeed pay for them.  We got everything squared away on the phone.  
He ended the conversation with, "Thanks so much Hun, ya'll have a great day.  Hopefully these planter attachments will get 'er done."  I am not making this up.... he said "get 'er done".  It made my day, lol.
The boxes arrived about two hours later.  I asked the husband where they were from.  He said Kentucky.  I have a new admiration for Kentucky in my heart.  Did they break through the chopped wheat stubble?  Like a champ.

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!
(how is the hubs doing on his to do list?  washing machine-done, wheat harvest-done, soybean planting- 100 acres to go, suburban-not yet)


farmersdaughter4ever said...

I was in Albemarle yesterday...I could have stayed all day just to hear everyone talk...it's so different even here in Indian Trail...we are to close to Charlotte!..I miss the talk of the country! :)

Kelsey said...

Aww I just adore the south! I so miss living in Tennessee!

Shannon said...

Awww, Beth you should have called me. The kids could have played at City Lake together.