Monday, June 30, 2008


I was tagged by Beth.  Here goes.

What were you doing ten years ago?
Hmmmm, Levi was one and a huge bundle of baby fat.  We lived in the little white house down the road.  And had just returned from the beach.  That was the trip where we fell in LOVE with Bald Head Island.  That was also the time period when I thought that this little boy was SO perfect and amazing that we should try to have another child in the fall.  (the terrible twos hadn't hit yet people and I was naive)  My brother had just gotten married to the best sister-in-law ever, Brandy. 

Favorite snacks?
Ice cold coke, and dark chocolate Hersheys minis.  Or fruit, lol.

5 things on my to do list today? 
1. Take buddies to their last visit with the ear doctor (8:30am).
2. Run the dishwasher.
3. Wash a load or two of clothes.
4. Take the boys to the library (W caught a tadpole and wants to learn what they eat, it is currently swimming around in a fishbowl in my kitchen).
5. Get some curtains for my sliding glass door at Lowes and snacks for the beach from Sams while I am in Concord this morning.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire?
Get everyone in my family a hybrid car (esp. Bethany and David).  Buy 2000 acres and build a green home with lots of our character added into it.  Buy the hubs a new combine.  Send the boys to a private Christian school.  Hire a chef and a maid.  Get a vacation  house on Oak island or Bald Head.  Set up accounts for the boys for when they turned 25.

5 jobs I have had?
1.  Taught gymnastics.
2. Worked at the Post Office.
3. Farrowing houses at a pig farm (where I met my hubby).
4. Daycare (worst job ever!!!!)
5. Keeping the husband straight, and running all over creation for parts, lol, and being a mom.

5 Places I have lived?
1. New London (parents)
2. Albemarle (first apartment)
3. Chicago (A.T.I.A.)  :(
4. Mount Pleasant (down the road)
5. Mount Pleasant (across the street) teehee, we have moved three times and stayed on the same road

5 random things people wouldn't know about me?
1. I was a tomboy growing up.
2. I hate wearing dresses and skirts (see A.T.I.A.)
3. I have always wanted to write books.
4. I felt that I would have all boys, even though I can do some awesome hair-dos including circle french braids.
5. I have a hard time talking to people that I don't know.

5 CD's I would take to A desert island?
1. Maroon 5
2. Coldplay
3. Foo Fighters
4. One Republic
5. John Meyer 
actually I would take the Billboard top 100, minus the hip hop, lol.

5 People I tag?
Leigh, Bethany, Carey, Brandy (were you tagged already?) and Brandi G.


farmersdaughter4ever said... did the tag! you teach others how to do that circle french braid? I remember when you left for ATIA and Bethany cried every morning b/c you weren't there to pick out her cloths and do her hair! :) seems like FOREVER ago...are we getting old?

"B" said...

Oh wow I don't remember you leaving for ATIA but I'm sure I missed my big sister lol.

The tag was really neat- hopefully I'll get to do one too when the weekend gets here.

Love and miss you!

"B" said...

p.s. a hybrid would be amazing!!!

Kelsey said...

Cute tag!!

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

Those were fun to read.