Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Today, Uncle Shaun and Celeste are off to Wyoming for a whole year.  Last night he came over to say good-bye to everyone.
Here we have Uncle Clay, Uncle Shaun, Landon, and Grandpa Dan.  (Uncle Blake is at the beach).
As usual, when you get boys together they will monkey around.  There was allot of "horseplay", if you will.
Good-bye, Uncle Shaun, we miss you already!!!!


Anonymous said...

Only Shawn could wear knee high white sox and still look good! I know you guys will miss him.

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry I misspelled Shaun's name. I forget that it's spelled just like my Shaun's name.

Shannon said...

Yep, he can rock out those knee socks!!!

Kelsey said...

Awesome photos so sorry he has to leave!

Carolina Mama said...

These are adorable. Looks like yours are the second generation of guys! ANd I loved that post on the ten years. . . :)