Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pics for Shaun

These are pictures of the new siding going up on the father-in-laws house.  The house now looks like it is a home in the mountains instead of being stuck in the eighties.
I took these pics the day after we returned from the beach.  Not much has gone on with the house this week.  No painting has been done on the inside.
Front yard still looks a hot mess, lol.
The front porch with half siding on, cedar beams, and rock steps.
This side has no siding on yet.  More pics after some work has gotten done.  The siding does look quite amazing!  The house blends with the shed now, instead of competing with it.  We miss you Shaun and Celeste.

Update: it has been a very hard week, we still don't know WHERE my dad is for sure, my moms sister had a reaction to her chemo and didn't even know who she was, & Clay went to the ER a second time with chest pains, hopefully today will be uneventful and the father-in-law will get back early.


Fantastagirl said...

What a beautiful home. I like the stone steps.

I hope you have a "boring" week- may everyone get healthy!

Shannon said...

Woohoo, the father-in-law is back home safely! Now, to get Daddy home and we will be set.

Kelsey said...

I adore the color of the house!! It is gorgeous!

Shannon said...

Yes the color is awesome. Kuddos to Shaun for picking them out AND talking the F.I.L. into them, lol.