Friday, June 6, 2008


Levi's poison ivy is all but gone.  It is AMAZING what the shot does to it in just 24 hours.  He has to take the steroid pills for six days, and then he will be through.  It was practically an act of congress to get permission for the school nurse to give him his lunch one each day.  Wyatt's skin is also clear.  His rash lasted about seven days, the last two being only on the bottoms of his feet.  G, well, he was quite miserable yesterday in the 100 degree scorcher that we had here.  His rash is worse than Wyatt's, but it spreads more, the hotter you get.  His legs are solid red from the knee down.  The big news of the day was the accident Landon was in.  Another pick-ups mirror, hit HIS mirror in the Dodge.  Causing it to bust, and then the back window shattered.  He came in the house with blood all over his face and arms.  The other truck?  He NEVER stopped.  So we are liable  for the payment of the window and mirror.  But like Shaun said, "It could have been allot worse.  Landon could be laying in the hospital right now with glass in his eye or a serious injury."  Wow, we do need to be thankful.  Fixing some glass is nothing compared to what it COULD have been.

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