Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bruises, Rashes, and Poison Ivy, Oh My!!!

Three weeks ago, Wyatt came home from school with Fifth's Disease.  It is also called "Slapped Cheek Syndrome", because the cheeks look like they have been slapped.  It basically spreads from the face down the body.  Causing the child to be very itchy, and Wyatt said the soles of his feet burned the worst of anything because he had to wear his shoes all day at school.
Here is a shot of Landon's ankle the day after the accident.  I wish I would have taken one the day after that, because it was COMPLETELY purple, from the strip you see here up his leg, and three times it's normal size.
Here is Levi, with poison ivy on his face.  It caused his eye to swell shut, and has now spread to other areas of his body.  He got a steroid shot today.
Oh, and yesterday G came down with the Fifth's rash.  Yay, us.  He is now covered and quite miserable and itchy.  Below is a shot of his arm.  Now all we have to do is sit and wait for S to get it.  Ahh, and the weather forecast for Thursday?  HOT.  Yeah, they are gonna be uncomfortable for a while.


Cliff said...

Wowza, that looks like a painful ankle.
If you guy didn't have bad luck you'd have no luck at all. I hope all or the aches, pains, and rashes clear up soon.

Amy said...

Oh man, that sounds horrible! Emily got a horrible rash from an amoxycellin reaction that is still clearing up. These kids could kill a mother with worry :)

BE said...

Oh, no! If it's not one thing, it's another. Hope everyone gets well - soon!

Shannon said...

Yeah, me too!!! With the Fifth's, the hotter you get the more you break out. :(

"B" said...

Oh my goodness- everyone's having a rough couple of weeks aren't they? Hope everyone feels better soon!

Grandma Debra said...

Landon's foot looks horrible! And the boys face don't look any better! I should say, you have had your share of it!

Mike goes back to surgery on Friday, they want to scrap so more of his tissue in his bladder, to see if he really needs to have the bladder removed or just do treatments.


Fantastagirl said...

Oh wow, the kids had fifth's once when the baby room got it at the daycare center, I hope you get some relief fast!

and the ANKLE - Oh MY!

farmersdaughter4ever said...

well I want to say it looks like you had a rough week...I hope everyone is doing better now!....oh my goodness, you made me tired just telling us all about it!

nora said...

Ouch. I'm feeling slightly better about my poisoned ivy feet and legs.
Good luck!