Thursday, May 1, 2008


This is my brother-in-law, Shaun.  He looks like George Clooney's love child.  Sorry, ladies, he is taken.  He is always doing crazy things.  Case in point, look at the picture blow.  
The other night, I was on the phone with my sister.  We talked for about twenty minutes and then I had to go and get ready for the middle school meeting.  I walked out of the office and into my kitchen.  Shaun was leaning up against the sink, wearing nothing but one of my bath towels.  L was "cooking".
Me- Please tell me you are not naked under that towel.
Shaun- Okay, I won't.
Me- What happened?
Shaun- I was working on Dad's roof, when the bottom fell out.  I got completely soaked.
Me- Okay.......
Shaun- I need some dry clothes of Landon's to put on.
Me- Why didn't you come and get me?
Shaun- L said you were on the phone and HE was busy cooking supper (Ramen Noodles...yes I was feeling sorry that night, lol).
Me- What do you need?
Shaun- Everything.
I got out some underwear, socks, Wrangler carpenter pants, and a  t-shirt.  When he left, he looked exactly like the husband.  Know what?  I have seen him wear those pants twice since that happened.  I think we have a convert!


Rockin' it up said...

it coulda been me :). Just kidding :). He is pretty odd and funny--it's always fun talking to Shaun.

Shannon said...

It was quite funny, lol!!!

Fantastagirl said...

Too funny!

Grandma Debra said...

Is Landon planting some corn for his mother?

SHaun is always funny!
WHat about Levi's Birthday? I sent him a card and money.