Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Three Words

Three words to describe the game last night......KA-BRRRRRRR  &
WE WON!  Yep, we had the 7:30 game yesterday, and let me tell you, when that sun went down it was cold and damp.  It was colder last night than it was when we went snow skiing.  On the positive side, after playing the first inning like the bad news bears, our boys made a few runs.  The team morale was given a massive boost.  They got their act together and actually came back and won.  I LOVE watching L when the bases are loaded.  I can't even describe the adrenaline rush, and the worry, lol.   Wooohoooo!!!

Sides notes:  No, I did NOT partake of the goodies at the concession stand.  90 boys tried out for the middle school baseball team this year.  15 were chosen.  Tell me we don't need another middle school out here!

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Rockin' it up said...

tried calling you yesterday morning and evening and missed ya both times. Guess you were at the game when I called last night. Glad L won! I'm sure he was very excited :).