Monday, March 3, 2008

Circle of Life

Yesterday, we found a calf that was not doing well.  She is a few days old, and too weak to stand up and nurse from her mother.  Of course, everyone rushed to get her safe and warm in the barn.  A bed was made of fresh straw, and she was snuggled down into it to retain body heat.  A bottle was made of powered colostrum, but she could drink very little of it.  All of the adults knew it would be a miracle if she made it through the night, but no one voiced it out-loud.  The older boys know all about this type of thing, but it was the buddies first experience with petting a calf and holding the bottle for it to drink.  I haven't been outside yet, but L checked on her this morning, before he ate his breakfast, and said she was dead.  Later, after the husband makes sure it is, we will take the buddies down to see her and try to explain everything as best we can.  The buddies know, as do the older boys, that the cows are not our pets, but it doesn't make it any easier to see one so young, fragile, and frail.  Life on the farm is very real somedays.   


"B" said...

hmmm- yea I can understand how that would be tough for them to understand/learn. You teach them so well though Shannon- I am so very proud of you.
love you-


BE said...

I do not envy you having to explain that to the buddies. Just because it is an animal (pet or not) does not make it easier. Hope it went well.