Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Yesterday morning we slept late (7am), because there was no school.  The boys and I had a pretty full day planned, involving going to the consignment shop, eating at El Ranchitos, and swimming at the Y.  As soon as I opened my eyes, I knew it wasn't going to be good.  The room did a little flip flop, and I couldn't get it to stop.  I made it to the living room, where I tried to sit very still, but ended up closing my eyes and threw up from the spinning.  I tried to keep down a pill for it, but they make you drowsy, and when I closed my eyes the room spins faster, and I also threw it up.  The husband put L in charge.  I heard him giving instructions in case they pooped in the potty, and left for a little while.  I thought, "Great day to be a second born" lol.  Next thing I knew it was lunch time.  L was fixing everyone their various lunches.  Nuggets, pizza rolls, etc.  He made me a cup of noodles.  I went back to sleep.  I awoke at 1 and told him to put the buddies in their beds for a nap.  That time I slept til 4, and told him to get them up.  Why do they sleep long for others and not me?  At this point I crawled into the living room, where I stayed until I went to bed at 8.  My head is still floating above my body, but at least the room isn't spinning around.  I haven't had Vertigo in two years, and I hope it is at least another two years before it comes again.
They boys were so good yesterday.  There was only one incident of a small fight.  Apparently, one of the buddies accidentally hit L in the nuts.  I heard the husband telling them that we don't hit in the nuts because it hurts.  One of them promptly asked, "What is the nuts Daddy?"  I snickered to myself as he tried to get out of that one.


Rockin' it up said...

So sorry you had vertigo--I know that sucks. I also get it sometimes, but like you, not often. Weird huh? I actually laughed out loud at your last two sentences. Ugh. two people were supposed to come see the apartment today and neither showed. I hate this part of being a renter. I love you! Hopefully I'll get to talk to you today :)

BE said...

Oh, I hope you are feeling better. I have never had that, so I can't even begin to comprehend how bad it must be. :( It sound like Levi was very responsible yesterday, he is growing up to be such a great boy! Lol at the buddies and Landon. :)~

Heather's World said...

Vertigo isn't fun! I haven't had it in a few years, but I remember how bad it can be. So glad the kids were good for you! :-) Feel better!

"B" said...

I am also sorry you aren't feeling well. I remember how bad that used to be for Dad.
Glad Levi could be such a help to you though. I am proud of all my little nephews and neice and the great kids that they are!


Flip Flop Momma said...

I hate that veertigo crap, I really only had it happen once, and it was awful..

hope your feeling better.