Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Late Weekend Update

Friday evening we were trying to decide where to eat supper.  Two of the boys wanted Zaxby's, and two wanted Ryan's.  The husband and I wanted neither of those choices.  So he came up with Pat and Mick's Fish-camp.  Now you're thinking, I said!  We haven't been there since last years John Deere Day meal for all of the customers of Bower's Implement.  That place was PACKED to the gills with people.  You had to stand in line and wait for your own table to get clear, and then stand beside it to claim it.  But as soon as we sat down, the waitress was there to take the order, and we had our food in about ten minutes.  We need one of those on the island, because it is better than the food at the beach.  The buddies kept asking us where the fish eyes went.  I guess they were afraid that we were trying to pull a fast one over on them, and they would accidentally eat one.  
Saturday L played basketball at the Hartsell Rec. Center.  It is pretty cool that they kept the gym and the baseball fields for the county to use, after they tore down the old school.  We had just enough time to get home and inhale some lunch before W's game.  His was at the middle school.  The buddies were pretty tired of sitting still by that time, so I let them push their Hot Wheels along the top of the bleachers the entire game.  The only problem was every time they came back to me with the cars, I was getting the crap shocked out of me!  When I told them what was happening, I think they got MORE pleasure out of "accidentally" running into my leg with their cars.  It was so warm when we got back home, that I mowed the yard while the buddies took a late nap.  Chad and Crystal came over after supper to play some cards.  
Sunday we went to the early service, but had to get back home so the husband could meet someone about a tractor.  Yes, he is tractor shopping again.  Actually he has been looking for about a year now.  The good side to getting things paid off is obvious, but now we need another tax deduction.  So we could hand it over to dear old Uncle Sam, or buy something.  
Nothing exciting, just our routine mostly.  At least until basketball season is over.  Trying to talk L into playing baseball, but so far he isn't interested.  We'll see.  If he really doesn't want to, we will do swimming lessons at the Y.

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"B" said...

Glad y'all had a good night out! I still can't believe Levi is even old enough to play all those sports- I remember when you would push him around in the stroller and David and I would play on the playground near your house, feels like yesterday =)