Friday, September 16, 2011


Ever have one of those days where you are feeling down about something? Maybe your parents have moved to another country and mornings are kind of sad. Maybe your sister has suffered the loss of a child, has moved across the U.S. and you can't show up at her door to give her a hug; and when you think of it you tear up. Then it happens. Something to pull it all back into perspective. Like God is pointing out all the things you DO have in life and what is a little more important than your pity party for one. That happened to me this morning with one phone call from the middle school.

"Someone ran into the back of Wyatt's bus this morning". When the assistant principal said those words I felt like I couldn't breathe. That one second felt like several minutes and many things were running through my mind. Is she calling me because he was hurt? Is everything okay? Was he scared?

"Wyatt is fine, all the kids are okay, no one was hurt. They even got to school on time on a different bus". Exhale. I thanked her for calling and letting me know. Then I looked up and said, thank you God. I get it now. Thank you for my children and my husband and everything we have. I am more than blessed with family (my own family and my wonderful church family).

Thank you.


Carey said...

whew! glad he's ok. they should have started it out with, wyatt's ok, but... what a way to give a mother a heart attack.
you are very blessed.
and, no thanks on the cat :)
love ya

Rockin' it up said...

we are so blessed to be surrounded by great families--from blood, to in-laws, to extended--they are amazing

BE said...

I'm so glad Wyatt was okay (and the other kids too). I think we all need reminders of what is truly important. It makes me feel blessed to have so much family/friends around us to support us when we need them.

raising4boys said...

Way to count your blessings. It's still got to be hard to be sooo far away from your parents and your sister.

I have been thinking of this saying this week, "My greatest blessings call me Mom"

Cliff said...

Glad all is well. Great thoughts. ps. feeding deer only encourages them.
Our beans are almost ready. We'll be running on them in about a week. Some are all ready going. Some high moisture corn is coming out now. 25% I don't do any of that.
The river has ruined a lot of farmland in this county. I'll be posting some pics of one of our fields in a few days.
Have fun.

Rockin' it up said...

i miss you