Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MP #2 vs. Bethel

Saturday we played a Bethel soccer team. The buddies both played extremely well and we were blessed to have Landon's mom, my sister-in-law and her little girl to come and watch. Unfortunately, we lost, but the buddies were on fire, especially G. On the way to warm up, the coach thanked me for spiking G's hair so she could tell them apart. After the game they were so hot they both poured water all over their heads to cool off. You guessed it, G's hair fell down. The coach came up to tell him great job and stopped. "Great job G!", she said to S. "Wait.....who is G.....what happened to your hair? I'll never be able to tell you guys apart!", she said looking at me and laughing.

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BE said...

That is too funny! I do know it was much easier to tell them apart when they had different hair styles at the beach.