Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Family Portraits

My sister in law, Brandy, had an awesome idea when we were down at the beach for Memorial Day. Let's take all the kids to the point, when we return in June, and get a shot of all the grandkids for my parents before they leave for the misson field. Great idea, I said, let's do khaki's and solid polo shirts. Ha! The clothes were the LEAST of our worries. (as you can see one of my kids said I NEVER said "solid")
Posing all these people with everyone else standing behind us was quite comical. No one would listen to us, and the kids all wanted to run around and go swimming. If all are smiling one will be rolling his eyes (Levi). Or as you can see above "stagers" didn't get out of the shot fast enough.
We both decided that if we do it again next year we are paying a photographer to do it. Let them worry about getting the clear shot and staging everyone, and WE will worry about our kids smiling and acting like they are happy. Also they should be taken after a day of playing or with some type of bribery putt putt and the arcade.
The best shot ended up being one of everyone from the backside. At least then you can't see my 14 year old rolling his eyes, lol.


twin power mommy ♥ said...

Hey there...long time no stop by...your buddies are getting SOOO big!!!
I cannot believe they are SEVEN now! I remember when their first day of Kindergarten was.

WOW....guess i don't get out and about into blogland too much nowadays :)

Good to check out your fam, though, and see that you are doing well. :)

Shannon said...

Thnaks, yep they are growing like weeds! Oldest goes to high school this year.

Nancy M. said...

That is an awful lot of kids to get together happy in one shot. I like the shots with the feet and the back of them walking!

raising4boys said...

Picture time is not easy. I like that last shot! And lol about your son in the strips. The story is too funnY.