Thursday, April 28, 2011

Egg Hunt 2011

Since our new building at church was built on our egg hunt hill, we moved the hunt to the middle school football field. Angie and I aren't sure what the final egg count was. Our goal was 3,000 and we stopped counting after that was reached. The donations of eggs and prizes were such a blessing!
It was great! We had so many volunteers step up to help with the set up and hot dog lunch and supervising the bouncy houses. My kids had a blast. Wyatt followed the buddies around, and Levi was in the obstacle course house to help little people get up the climbing wall.
The best news was we had people register before the hunt so we could see how many people came. We had FOURTY people come that do not go to our church. TWO of those families came to Easter Service on Sunday!
It has been such a blessing to watch the growth of our church since we have been going there the past three years. Sunday morning in our new building I found myself quite emotional. I can't wait to see how the youth and Kids for Christ programs flourish.


Heather's World said...

Where is your Church?

Shannon said...

Mt. Pleasant United Methodist. Diagonally across from Whataburger.

BE said...

That's a lot of eggs. Do the kids empty the eggs and return the empty eggs to be reused? That's a lot to have to store somewhere.

Shannon said...

Yes, they can if they want to. The eggs are in my freezer house right now. Hoping we can get a small spot of the K4C closet when it is finished.

Nancy M. said...

Wow! Now that is an egg hunt! That is so awesome that y'all had so many people come to the egg hunt and some to church! Sounds like you have a nice sized church!