Friday, April 22, 2011


This year MPES did another Boosterthon Fun Run. The kids are visited by crazy guys with names like Minnesota Mark for two weeks to get them pumped up to raise money for the school.
They have had pep ralleys and seen the guys get pies in their faces, and came home begging for three dollars a lap each for their class. Yesterday was the big day.
Each one of my boys ran the full 35 laps plus some extra ones. Equaling two miles per buddy. The fun run guys played great songs and danced around while the kids ran.
They even did the Cupid Shuffle, and ran around giving parents and kids high fives. I have never had so much fun at a fundraiser for school. Much better than selling wrapping paper!
Here are the first graders and kindergarteners getting a thumbs up for finishing their laps yesterday.


Rockin' it up said...

that's awesome! Sounds like what A. Campbell did---such a good idea! too bad that wouldn't work for middle school--they would punk out and think that was totally lame :)

Carey said...

Yep! Those guys really get pumped! Its amazing. Almost brainwashing!! But very good for the school.

Shannon said...

Yep, I didn't get to go last year. So glad I got to watch them. I could hear the music from church it was that loud.

Shannon said...

The only problem I have is this years money is going to pave a walking track on this playground when there is a perfectly good middle school track at the top of the hill. How about some parent parking? I had to park in someones yard and get the evil eye, but there was no where else to go.
P.S. Carey, the guys get half of the money raised and the school gets the other half. So was your total what the school got or was that the total raised?

BE said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I can't believe the school only gets 50%, I would have thought that they would get to keep almost all the money.

And I know all about parent parking- we don't have any either. Very frustrating on special event days/nights.