Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The oldest boy is trying out for track again this year. Seems the coaches have finally realized they actually need to cut a few (i.e. 20 or more) kids. Last year was crazy because they kept everyone and we had around 30 boys and 35 girls. This year they SAY they will keep 20 of each. Every sport at the middle school has a mandatory parent meeting. The main rules for the parents are: don't talk to the coach about playing time as this is not a rec sport, don't schedule doctor and orthodontist appointments during practices, and BE ON TIME for pick-up promptly at 6. Yesterday I was there at 5:58. I don't get in the pick-up line because I will lose my religion in it. I parked under the tree where I waited last year. As kids started running back to the auxiliary gym, I became uncertain as to whether or not the boy would remember this. I got out of the car and started walking toward the gym. I turned around half way there and saw the boy walking toward the car. We had passed each other in the bus parking lot.
Boy- MOM, what are you doing?
Me- (laughing) I didn't know if you would remember where I like to park.
Boy- I remembered.
Me- I can't believe we passed each other.
Boy- I can't believe you got out of the car.
Me- I didn't want to sit here all day.
Boy- Just DON'T get out of the car.
Me- What?
Boy- Do NOT get out of the car. Just wait here tomorrow.
Me- I can feel the love.


Cliff said...

That's a great post. Boys are like that.
"Do not get out of the car." You were probably saying that to him just a few years back.

Shannon said...

Cliff, so right. :)

Rockin' it up said...

too funny!

raising4boys said...

I hear ghat happens when they ate teenagers, embarrased to be with mom :(

raising4boys said...

Ok sorry about my spelling, lol, I'm on my iPod :) I meant ARE teenagers :)