Friday, March 4, 2011


This is the buddies idea of putting up the baseball stuff neatly.


Heather's World said...

Hey, its in a pile! LOL

Rockin' it up said...

it's all on the rug--almost :)

BE said...

I was going to suggest having a bag, but I now see it *under* the pile. LOL! Have you guys started practice yet?

Shannon said...

Yeah, we started this week. We had it rained out on Monday, went on Thursday and go again this afternoon.

Cliff said...

It's still snowing here a bit so baseball is afew weeks off. My grandkids just played their last basketball game last saturday. Our twelve year old got a lot of points and rebounds but on the other hand he's 5'10' so he doesn't have to jump very high yet.
The pile looks perfect. Better than a pile of detention slips.
It reminds me of Harmon Killebrew's (Twins famous slugger) quote.
Something like Mom came to the door and yelled at Dad, You guys are going to kill the grass playing baseball in the yard all the time. His Dad replied "We're raising boys, not grass."