Friday, December 31, 2010

Learning to ride

Getting ready
First crash (going uphill too slowly, lol)
And he's off
Trading places
Off again

Watching these two ride is very scary! G is a daredevil and S goes along like a little old man. The last time they rode the hubs said.....great day for an ER kidding. So far, so good.


Heather's World said...

Wow. You are braver than I! LOL

Shannon said...

Girl, you have no idea how stressed I was.

raising4boys said...

Looks like a lot of fun for the buddies!! I'm with you, I would be so nervous. Love what your husband said ;)

Cliff said...

The scary part isn't watching them, it's when they're out of sight that's scary. My son once showed me a pic someone took of him going down the interstate on his back wheel while riding his crotch rocket. He'd already sold his bike and he was in his 30's. I coulda shot him.
Also, at the end of one of our cornfields is dirt bike track used by some nationally ranking kids on bikes. It's strange to be working in the field and watching bikes go out of sight just to have them pop high in to the air from somewhere else.
My advice, chain them up in the basement until they turn 30.
Or better yet, go to church every Sunday, so far it's worked for us.

Anonymous said...

So loved having the boys on Friday and Saturday. I promised Gage or what it Stone, that we would take them back to the ballfield to hit balls again. It's a lot safer than bike riding...Love ya, Mom

Shannon said...

They had so much fun at the ballfield. Now G wants to play baseball, lol.