Friday, November 26, 2010

Last Soccer Game

Saturday was our last soccer games of the 2010 season. Whew, it was way too long. We were all glad it was over, lol.
The kids and the coaches. Frontrow: Leland, Lena, Amber, Knox, Gage, Madison, Xerses, and Stone. Backrow: Colton, Kayla and Dillon.
Showing off their medals.
Cheesing it up. We get this week off and then basketball season starts.


Grace on the Narrow Path said...

That looks pretty darn scarey, but of course I know how boys are. I have two and when they put their minds on something they won't stop until it is done!!! LOL
Be careful out there.

Shannon said...

He had a harness on, he wasn't going anywhere, lol.

Shannon said...

Watching the hubs walk on top of the grain bins is ALLOT more scarier, believe me. :)