Monday, November 22, 2010


Levi told me this on the way home from the last soccer games of the season.....

L-I saw a parent tell a lie today.
L-I saw a parent tell their child a lie.
Me-What do you mean?
L-The kid was running up the bleachers with his trophy. When he got to the top he tripped and the trophy fell onto the pavement. It broke in several pieces. The kid started to cry and the mom said, "Don't worry honey, we can fix this." "No you can't!", yelled the kid. The mom hugged him and said a little glue would do the trick and the kid sucked it up and they left. amount of glue was going to fix that trophy.....
Me-Probably not.
L-Man.....being a parent is really hard work.
Me-Hardest job on the Earth.


Heather's World said...

:-) This made me tear up a little this morning!

Shannon said...

Me too, it was really touching when he told me.

Rockin' it up said...

you should remind him of this in later years--and possibly every year in high school :)