Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last Day!!!!

Conversation with the 13 year old......
L- Can you sign me out?
Me- It is a half day.
L- I know, that means we do not get lunch.
Me- I have to be at the elementary school.
L- And.....
Me- If I do parent drive it will make me late.
L- So sign me out.
Me- If I sign you out today doesn't count.
L- And......
Me- I get your point. It doesn't even matter, as long as the exam is taken....who cares.
L- So.....are you signing me out?
Me- I guess. BUT, if you embarrass me at the kindergarten party... it won't be pretty.
L- Ten four.
Me- This includes the running man, and talking.
L- Got it.

(I feel like I am setting myself up for failure here, lol.)


Nancy M. said...

Y'all are too funny!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet he didn't do the running man, but I'd also be willing to bet he acted like he was a Brit! LOL!

Shannon said...

Haha, Angie, you know us so well. Oh, and the best part....they still counted it as a day. I LOVE the middle school.

Shannon said...

There were several Pip Pip Cheerios, before we got in the classroom. I nipped that in the bud!