Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break

Well it is Spring break. Not sure it is a "break" since the boy has waited until now to do his math project. Part of which involves writing a FOUR PAGE research paper. Yeah.....I have GOT to start paying more attention when I scan something. It is Wednesday....he has two paragraphs written. One of which has to be redone. So technically we only have the hypothesis completed. I have threatened and pleaded, and am now wondering if a C would be so bad. Seriously! He has even raked the flower beds instead of doing this project. Apparently the "man mentality" is bred strong in him. You know the the one, wait until the last possible minute to complete something, and do ANYTHING but this thing hanging over my head.


Cliff said...

I'm with him on the procrastination thing.

Nancy M. said...

Gosh, that's a big math project! Does not sound like fun at all, I wouldn't want to do it either!

raising4boys said...

Oh that drives me crazy! I'm afraid I have one just like him, and I'm not looking forward to jr. high. Do you worry about his assignments like I do? I know I need to put it on his head, but it's hard when you are the mom and you want your child to succeed. Nagging is not fun to say the least.