Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Weekend

We were planning our annual trip to Biltmore this year while the boys all went camping with my parents for the weekend. One call from the school nurse blew that out of the water. G not only had strep throat, but strep rash.
So, we decided to go anyway, not being sure when we could go again with planting season quickly approaching. The buddies had a blast.
They had no trouble remembering not to touch anything or not to go under the ropes. I think they loved the basement the do I.
The fact that someone had a pool inside and under their home, along with a bowling alley, impressed them more than the many floors and statues and paintings. We ate lunch in the stables again, delicious! Then headed over to a new area that just opened last Friday.
Antler Hill Village. In Biltmore terms means, new restaurants and more stores, along with a new cavelike entry into the winery. I want to take the big boys there this summer and ride on the bike trails, and do some hiking. Thank you to Aunt Leigh and Uncle Dave for the tickets. Best Christmas present EVER!!!!!


Nancy M. said...

Sounds cool! I have got to visit there sometime!

Rockin' it up said...

any time :). Had a good time hanging out with you this week! Love you!

Cliff said...

Great pics. You've mentioned the Biltmore before and I've watched a TV special on it. I'm going to visit there someday. It is a fabulous story isn't it.
Good to see pics of the whole family. Funny you should mention the strep throat. I have a grandson with it right now.