Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Track @ J.N. Fries Middle School

This was my first track meet ever. It was long, but fun. We were there for three hours. There was some confusion among the coaches as to what event was taking place when.
The boy was scheduled to do the 200 meter hurdles and the 800 meter race. Then he got changed to the 1600 meter race, which is a mile. He didn't look thrilled. But....he didn't quit, and he wasn't in the last group.
The coaches thought his 2 regular events were going to be back to back, but they weren't. Hopefully this can be remedied by the meet next week. Finally after hours of everything else, came the 200 meter hurdles.
I was quite stoked to see this, until a girl bit it badly and fell face first onto her right elbow. Then my nerves were shot people. Thankfully no boys were injured during their heats. Levi did a great job! I still can't believe he can do this.
I love sports like track and wrestling because it is all on the athlete. If they do badly it is their own fault, they don't have a team to help them out. Can you believe how high these kids are jumping? (there were 4 middle schools at this meet, the other ones were at another school-we can't have them all together at one time-next week, Mooresville)


Shannon said...

Key thing to remember about hurdles, never give up. Because the dude who finishes first may have knocked one down!

Rockin' it up said...

love that one pic with him in the air--so good!

Nancy M. said...

Cool, I've never been to a track meet!

Cliff said...

Man this brought back memories. In High School one of my sons would get half way though the high jump when they came to get him to run the 800. He'd finish and come back to the high jump and proceed to crash trough the standard every time. The 800 always took the spring out of his legs.
He did run the 800 at state one year so he did pretty well.

raising4boys said...

That's great! I never liked to run in High School so kuddos to your son. The hurdles do look fun :)