Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The boy had his first track practice yesterday. When we picked him up, he was in a terrible mood. We could tell before he even got into the car. First he ranted about how Wyatt was in the front seat and how he NEVER got to ride in the front seat at that age, selective memory. Then he said he was quitting track.
me- Why do you want to quit?
me- Why?
L- All we did was run!
me- I think that is why they call it track.
L- NOT funny. We ran and ran and ran some more.
me- That is usually how it goes.
L- The girls barely did anything.
me- Hmmmm.
L- Other people got to get more water and I didn't.
me- (nodding)
L- Then when we were going to get a break, we had to run up and down the hill.
me- Sounds awesome.
L- ANYWAY, I am NOT going back.
me- You are going back, because you said you wanted to try it. If you keep going, by the end of the season this will be a cake walk.
L- Speaking of walking, I can barely move my legs.
me- Wait until tomorrow.
L- BE SERIOUS! I am NOT going back.
(one Gatorade, and some air in his face later, and tad past Oldenburg)
L- I wonder what we are doing tomorrow.......


Carolina Mama said...

Did he go back to Track?! Good training! Let me know how you pull that off. You did great. Track is big work. The Tigers like to run!

Shannon said...

Not only did he go back, he loves it!
I have found that the best way to deal with 12 year old boys is to let them rant, and then lay down the law quietly, then let them think they came up with the idea themselves, lol.