Sunday, March 21, 2010

From the Mouth of a 6 Year Old

Yesterday we ate breakfast out. G was talking to himself and rambling as usual. All of a sudden Landon pointed at him for me to listen.
G was reading the stuff on the table. But he was reading it phonetically, in a sing-song voice.

G-The "H" says hhh, the "OU" says aaawww together, the "S" says sssssss, and the the "E" is a silent E. All this says HOUSE.

He looked up because he suddenly realized we were staring at him intently.
We all started laughing. Kudos to Mrs. Bell and Mrs. Linker for making Reading Mastery so much fun!


Carolinamama said...

Very cool! We used the Mickey Mouse song - h-o-u-s-e! ;)

"B" said...

too funny! hate i didnt get to see y'all more today =(

Shannon said...

Yeah, sorry for the confusion.

Rockin' it up said...

Fun! I can't believe they're reading already--weren't they in diapers and bottles like...last week? :-D See you sooooooon!

Cliff said...

Good Teachers...Priceless