Saturday, January 30, 2010


It started snowing yesterday evening. Snowed off and on all night, and is still snowing. Hubs and I were awakened by a weird sound outside. Seems Wyatt has been sledding since 7:30am. Ahhhh, to be 10 again. Stay tuned for pics if I can ever get up the nerve to go outside. It is soooooo warm in here.


BE said...

You must have more snow than us. We can still see the grass and it has been sleeting/raining all morning. I haven't allowed my kids to go out yet, which they are not to happy about.

Shannon said...

I did not want them to go out, but they wouldn't listen. We only have about two inches and then ice on top of that. We are going back out after lunch, with ski pants this time, lol. I have a big hill in mind.