Thursday, January 28, 2010


My sister in law is re-doing her kids closets and wanted some ideas. This first one, is my recycling cabinet in the old kitchen. I purchased see-through bins, labeled them with my label maker (a must), then copied the page from our trash collectors web site and put it on the door. It simply lists the things we can put into the blue box outside. The shelves are from some left over wood we already had, the brackets are from Lowe's.
This is the kids craft cabinet. These bins are from Hobby Lobby (when they were on sale for 1.99 a piece). We have different categories of markers, crayons, play doh, gift wrap, and paper. The top shelf is for school projects and extra school supplies. Always have clay, popsicle sticks, paint, glue, new crayons, sequins, beads, yarn, foam shapes, and poster board on hand. As for new stuff, I personally keep crayons, colored pencils, markers, glue sticks, and Expo markers. I get these when school supplies are on sale in August. (for example, Crayola crayons were 25 cents, so I got three dollars worth)
These bins are great for big things. We have many of these. I got these at Bed, Bath and Beyond when they were on clearance at the end of the summer. I bought every blue and green one they had. We use them for Legos, Hot Wheels city, Thomas the Train buildings, play clothes, CARS buildings, etc. This was previously a computer armoire, that I have removed the pull out keyboard shelf from, and made into storage.
The same cabinet has cork board in it (on the inside of the doors) that I purchased from Lowe's and applied with Command adhesive strips. I saw this in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and knew I could recreate it cheaper. The buddies can put up art work and change it out as they please. They like to get behind the doors and play store. They will make posters and pin them on of what they are "selling".
Self explanatory. Shoe storage behind their door. All the boys have one. The big boys keep other things in theirs like Nerf guns, DS stuff, batteries, chargers, etc. If they are high enough, little hands can't reach them.
Stuffed animal storage. The buddies are only allowed three animals at a time on their beds. Because more often than not, the animals are on the floor. They can change out selections here. When all is full and something new comes along, something must be donated.
The buddies closet. The large bins are labeled by spring summer, and fall winter. The other bins are from Big Lots. I think I paid around one dollar for each of them. They were on clearance. I recycled the lids. Kids don't use lids. Don't ask me why. If the lid is on, they just pile the crap on top of it. I put pictures on the boxes so they could clean up on their own, before they could read. Only one has changed in the past four years. Dinos is now Transformers, but we decided to keep the same label. They like to play inside their closet, they call it their "office". So I found this car rug at Big Lots, again on sale. It was around four dollars. You must dig around in that store people. Allot of times the good deals are buried.
Lastly, is my chalkboard in the old kitchen. As you can see it is simply chalkboard paint, then an old frame stuck over it with Command adhesive strips. I can put up notes to the boys for their day at school, as they walk right past here going to the mudroom.

Organizing supplies to keep on hand: I have my own tool box to keep them in. In it is my label maker, a small hammer, nails, Command adhesive strips, light switch covers, measuring tape, small level, black Sharpies, a paintbrush, felt pads, screwdrivers (flat and philips), sand paper, scissors, flashlight, etc. I can just grab it when I am doing a project and travel from room to room.


BE said...

Thanks, Shannon.
So very helpful. The smaller blue bins in the buddies closet is what we keep shoes in, but I may check into the behind the door kind.
The shelves in your recycling closet, are those just regular wood planks? I think that is how I want to do their shelves, with the track system (or what ever it's called) to hold the brackets, so we can move them as needed. BTW, I don't think I've ever seen an electrical outlet in a closet before. :)
Thanks again!!!

Shannon said...

Brandy, that closet was built for the iron and the ironing board. Since I do not iron, I took all of that out when we moved in here. But we went ahead and rewired that cabinet, just in case, lol. Yes, they are two boards that lay side by side. That laminate flooring works well for shelves also, if you have any leftover from your kitchen. Since they are interlocking, they do not slide apart.

Cliff said...

Hearing no further nominations, the Chair casts a unanymous ballot for Shannon for the title of 'Mrs Organization' for the year 2010.
You're not the type to sit and do nothing are you?
All great ideas.

twin power mommy ♥ said...

Ok....that's a little disturbing the amount of organization you have going on there! ;0)

I can only DREAM of being THAT organized....i try, but can't seem to maintain it.

I like the ideas, though.

Carolina Mama said...

So very cool! Do you do this mostly during the day while they are at school or is it something you implement their help with? Either way! Kudos to you!

Oh, I wish we had a Hobby Lobby! I visited with the cuzzies last weekend and found quite a few things. :)

Shannon said...

I did it myself, these are all things that I have had for a few years. The kids all know where everything goes and can clean it up themselves. I have also labeled some of the kitchen things, because they do the dishwasher and hunting down my favorite coffee cup was getting old, lol.

Cliff, yes, I like to have a project. Currently Landon's office is under attack. ;)

raising4boys said...

You are the woman!!! I love to be organized too. Still trying to figure things out in the new house. I really like those organizers from Hobby Lobby. and the smaller bins from Big Lots. I wish I was a good Clearance shopper.