Thursday, October 8, 2009


Tuesday, was the memorial service for my aunt. My mom read my blog about Patsy, then her words, and then (the hardest of all) Patsy's words. The service was beautiful, just what Patsy wanted. Old hymns were sung, memories shared, and then the best of all, my brother played the guitar while Mattie sang "I Will Rise". I am still not sure how she got through the entire song, but she did, and it was powerful. Afterwards, the casket was placed on a horse drawn carriage and we all walked behind it to the cemetery. I felt like we were in an old movie. It was such an image. Seeing it going slowly up the hill, and hearing the horses hooves clopping along and people crying. Many of us walked in pairs, holding hands, side by side. The last thing Patsy wanted done, was for everyone to sing Dixie. I am sure she was laughing about how badly we did it. I mean, come on, we all know the tune, but the words are a little fuzzy. It sounded something like "I wish I was in Dixie, hooray, hooray, hmm humm humm hmm, huumm hum hum hum, hum hum hum, hum-Dixie." Thanks to everyone who came to the service. It was great to see all the lives Patsy has touched, such a diverse group gathered in her honor. And, last but not least, a HUGE thanks to Jeff and Cindy for coming to the house when my boys got off of the bus.
P.S. Many of you know there are allot of family birthdays this week and anniversaries. I will post about those later.


Carolina Mama said...

How beautiful and DIxie! What a classic portrait you gave us. May you all celebrate well this week with your other celebrations! All the best.

Need a distraction? Any breast cancer awareness ?s for the interview? ;)

Carolina Mama said...

"I Will Rise!" What a great song to have sung. We love Chris Tomlin too.

Nancy M. said...

That sounds like an awesome service of remembrance! It's so great y'all were able to honor all her wishes like that!

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful memorial and procession to the grave. I think I may be one of the weird ones, but I really do love seeing how people are honored and remembered at their funerals. It's a testament to the mark they left behind.

I wish I could have been there to photograph it for you. Again, also kind of weird, but those types of milestones need to be documented too.

And, oh! Dixie! Be still, my heart. :) As a good Southern girl, I think I remember almost all of the words.

I pray your family is comforted now.

Shannon said...

Elizabeth, I know what you mean. In the moment walking up the hill, I wanted a shot of the wagon. And another one of all the people crossing the highway.

Rockin' it up said...

p.s.--happy anniversary 2 days late! I was all prepared too--dang my memory and busyness

twin power mommy said...

How very nice. Sorry for the loss.

Your comment about laughing out loud on Eli's werewolf smacking his butt in the video made me laugh all over again.

I didn't notice it the first time we watched the video, but Eli kept saying, Mama...i spank my butt!

Then the second time, i noticed it and was cracking up!
Too silly!

I see people wishing you a happy anniversary. How many years?

We just celebrated our 11th Oct.4th!

Shannon said...

14 years married. Wow, it doesn't seem that long.

raising4boys said...

Sounds like a wonderful service. How neat she was carried in a carriage. Hope you are finding peace that she is in a better place.

What a busy time for this to happen. Can't wait to see pictures of the birthdays!