Sunday, October 4, 2009


Conversation with the two teenagers working at the bakery in Sam's today....

ME- Hey, can y'all just sell me some Spongebob rings so I can put them onto some of those cupcakes in the fridge?
THEM- What?
ME- Can I get some Spongebob rings to put onto cupcakes, you don't have any BOY ones to choose from.
THEM- We can't sell just the rings.
ME- I am going to buy some of YOUR cupcakes, and I need something BOY related on the top.
THEM- Ma'am (geez how old do I look) we have birthday cupcakes over there.
ME- Yes, you have DORA and HELLO KITTY. That isn't going to cut it for 6 year old twin boys.
THEM- You can order some.
ME- Can't you just give me some rings and I can put them on myself at home?
THEM- If you order them they will be here by 1 tomorrow.
ME- (am I speaking Chinese here) Okay, listen, what can you do for me TODAY? I need something BOY. Anything.
THEM- We can put some rings onto some of the cupcakes we have here.
ME- (good grief, isn't that what I have been asking for the past ten minutes.... are these two sharing a brain?) That would be awesome. Thank you.

Sunday school lesson applied=great results and no embarrassment for the 12 year old.

In the car....

LEVI- Mom.... were you holding back in there?
Me- Oh, you have NO idea!


Nancy M. said...

Oh my goodness, that would have drove me nuts!

Shannon said...

I was on the edge Nancy, lol.

twin power mommy said...

Geeez! I woulda been ready to scream!!!
THAT's why you don't hire inept teens!

raising4boys said...

Huh? Sounds like someone was a little slow!