Thursday, October 29, 2009

Little Builders

A few days ago, I saw Wyatt pulling some boards over to the play set for the buddies.
This is the finished product. They played out here all afternoon. I didn't go check on anyone, because no one was fighting.
The next day I saw the Jeep up under it, so I took these shots. Pretty cool I thought to myself. This was S's little house.
Then I saw how he got it so level. A rock.
Upon further, inspection, I found a skylight. Maybe this kid has a future in building.
P.S. After seeing the rock, I have banned them from playing under it.


Rockin' it up said...

hey! that looks like the kinda stuff my friends and i built as kids--don't worry--we (they) know how to get out fast if it goes wrong :)--we're use to it

Shannon said...

Leigh, funny!

Nancy M. said...

Very creative!

raising4boys said...

Isn't it great when they get along and use their imaginations?! Cute playhouse :) We use to own that same red jeep, it was fun!

Cliff said...

Talent for sure. It looks like they take after Dad.

BE said...

Great use of imaginations. I'm sure they had a blast making that. (Not quite as scary as Shelli's kids' 4 story fort- LOL)

twin power mommy said...

SUPER imaginative and smart!

I woulda had second thoughts once i saw the rock, too! ;0)