Friday, October 30, 2009

Greensboro Children's Museum

Last Friday I went with the kindergardeners to the children's museum. I highly recommend this as a field trip, or family trip, or just rainy day fun.
This one seems to be more about travel type jobs, so the boys loved it. Some of the play areas were construction, post office, fire truck, building cars, an airplane, a train station, a house, theater, grocery store, bakery, and many more.
Each exhibit is entirely hands on, and has a little outfit and hat you can wear if you chose. Touching is encouraged, as in every button, lever, knob, etc.
Everything was on their level (height wise) and realistic. For example, this was a steam engine, so they could shovel "coal" into the train. Buttons made the sounds, and there was a TV screen inside so show you how fast you were going down the tracks. They could make it go faster or slower with a lever.
Part of their class. Some kids rode home with their parents so they missed the group shot. Each class is a different color shirt, so it is easy to find your people at any given time. Go out and find a children's museum near you! Plan on staying all day, and take your lunch in a cooler. They had a nice picnic area outside and a room inside for eating.


BE said...

We haven't been to this one, but the one in Wilmington and the one in Charleston are excellent. I love Children Museums. Cute shots of the buddies.

twin power mommy said...

We've been to one a couple of years ago (when the girls were in kindergarten) and it was awesome!

I love that these places allow kids to do what they do best...TOUCH!

So much fun!

I really like the picture of the buddies in the airplane. They look so cute!

Nancy M. said...

Sounds like a fun place!

Cliff said...

Yep , sounds really neat. The kids are lucky.
In the one in Omaha the kids get to milk a cow.
I grew up doing that and wasn't impressed. My grandkids were.
Your husband might enjoy my latest post.

Carolina Mama said...

Oh wow! That looks so great! We love Children's Museum's. Ironically, haven't been to this one - too busy with the relatives when in G'boro and area. Now, we have something else to do! :)