Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Buddies

Landon and I took cupcakes to the buddies class at lunch, last week on their birthday. The kids were quite funny, but very well behaved. Kudos to Mrs. Bell and Mrs. Linker on a great class. (Can you see the kid in front of the hubs eating the icing out of his hand? His mom would be so proud, lol)
Note the icing on their faces and the bright birthday crowns, G removed his to eat, kindergarten is all about the hats. You can't see it in this pic, but G also lost his other bottom tooth right before the bus came that morning. Just an added bonus in the life of a six year old! He could not WAIT to get onto the tooth chart at school. :)


CrystalW said...

I am surprised that the school let you bring cupcakes! You can't take anything to Autumn's school. You can't even send candy for parties.

Shannon said...

We have to take it at lunch, or while they are on the playground. Or they will call it a "party". They only get three parties a year. I'm glad they still let us do it, because the kids seem to really enjoy it. Note to self, next time take some wet wipes for the messy faces and hands.

Shannon said...

Yeah, Brandy told me they have to send healthy stuff, like carrots for a birthday snack!

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like the boys had a good time and I'm glad they still let you do that at lunch. School is more than books.

Nancy M. said...

I know your kids loved that! I'm sure they felt very special. It looks like everyone had a great time!