Monday, August 3, 2009

Old Barrier Store

This pic was taken of the buddies, standing outside of the old Barrier Store that was torn down last week. Kind of sad. Landon mentioned that the slab would be something our grandkids will ask us about later.
See those suckers? They came in the house blowing those things and slobber was going everywhere.

me- Why on earth did you buy those for them?
hubs- I didn't.
me- Who did?
hubs- The girl in the store gave the buddies the suckers for free.
me- (surveying the blue slobber, lips, tongues, and going deaf from the racket) Remind me to thank her later.


CrystalW said...

I forgot about the whistle suckers! I would get those when I was little.

Shannon said...

Update: They even removed the slab!

Nancy M. said...

Did the girl not like you? Just kidding! Kids sure do love those things!

CrystalW said...

It looks so strange coming up the hill and there not being anything there!

Anonymous said...

Was this the Barrier Store down the road from you?

raising4boys said...

Those suckers were fun. But as a mom, I agree.....I hate messy candy!