Thursday, August 6, 2009

Math Camp

Levi has been attending AMP Math camp this week at the Glenn Center, a.k.a. the old Concord High School. Let me tell you, when a building has a new name, the GPS doesn't know where the heck you want to go. Makes for a good time in the car, with all four kids fighting, and one way streets all over the place. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention we actually had passed it twice. I also stopped at the Boys and Girls Club and asked two staff members, who claimed they had never even heard of it. For future reference to my readers, it is in between the Boys and Girls Cub and Coltrane-Webb School. LITERALLY, one block down from where I asked about it. Do these people go through the neighborhood? Okay, okay, I'm back. The boy had some problems with his homework last night. And I spoke to my mom about it, who is at the beach.

me- Hey, Levi needed you the other day. He was stumped on his math homework.
Mom- Really? He can usually figure it out.
me- He said he has never had this stuff about "rate".
Mom- Oh you know, tell him rate equals distance times time.
Me- Yeah, it wasn't a distance problem. It was a graph about some radio stations, and listeners and another number.
Mom- Tell him rate is the same as ratio and (at this point she lost me) ....number of (wow, is she still talking?).......rate and ratio divided ( does she think I am going to remember this?)....and then he can just solve for "X" (seriously, what is she saying) and that is how you do rate.
me- Yeah...... I just told him he didn't have to do that page.
Mom- Okay, have fun next week!

(the math gene didn't come from me, and I am fine with that, lol)


Rockin' it up said...

yeah--feel the same way--and she always looks at you perplexed--wondering why you find this so difficult when it's blatantly so simple! lol mom!

Shannon said...

Yep! I didn't get it at all, lol.

CrystalW said...

Geeez...did you two not learn anything from home school? JK, I am not a math genius either. When the kids have trouble with their homework, I always ask Chad.

Heather's World said...

Funny! Any time I got her to help me with Math, it made perfect sense when she was explaining it. Then she would have me do it, and I would ALWAYS get it wrong! Lol! Math just isn't my thing either! Good luck to Levi though!

Shannon said...

Home learned, Crystal..... home learned, hahahahahahaha! (just kidding people- that is an old home school joke)

Nancy M. said...

You just confused me too, lol! I'm not that great at math either. If I can't figure it out with a calculator, I'm in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Okay, first of all, rate isn't distance times time. I said rate is distance DIVIDED by time! Get it right guys! Good job Levi.
Love ya, Mom

raising4boys said...

Sounds like she needs to come for a little visit until Math camp is over ;) It worries me when I can't help my boys with their homework too. Just be glad you have "grandma" they can go to for help, lol!