Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Riverbanks Zoo

After we left Georgia, we spent the night in Columbia, SC. We surprised the boys by taking them to Riverbanks Zoo Saturday morning. First off, let me say that this zoo is the perfect size for five year olds that tire easily.
Landon ended up not packing the right shirts, and broke my cardinal rule of not wearing a shirt that matches your pants, which two of the boys were quick to point out Saturday morning, lol. I can't even tell you how many times I lost him while we were there, because he was the same color as our surroundings. Every time we left an animal I would say, "Where's Daddy?" And nine times out of ten he was close beside me, haha.
They have a whole farm animal section. This area was fun for the kids. But when they wanted to feed the cows, Landon couldn't contain his exasperation. "Nobody wants to feed the cows at home!" True that, true that.
Here we are on the gardens side. I thought about "accidentally" falling into the water, it was so humid. The water and fountains flow through this whole area and are quite beautiful.
At the end, we realized that we had missed a whole section. S was ready to go. "Where are we going NOW?" he asked. I told him to see the lions and some reptiles. "I KNOW WHAT A LION LOOKS LIKE, I AM READY TO GO!" was his response. Like I said, great zoo. Good size for kids and toddlers to enjoy and get their fill of wild life. Also the admission price won't break the bank like the other one. Highly recommend stopping by if you are close to here. Plan on spending at least three hours. ( FYI many area hotels offer a zoo package for a family of four)


Rockin' it up said...

fun! Glad you're teaching matching techniques early--too bad Dave didn't learn those--keeps trying to put two different patterns together--ick!

Shannon said...

It is a man thing, lol. Just like camo and plaid or camo and stripes. They have to be coached. ;)

Carolina Mama said...

You are hilarious! Love the rule! What a great trip to Georgia an the beach for y'all! Hey, I am a Gamecock USC/Columbia. Love your zoo pics.

Your boys are handsome and getting big. Love the one with you too. ;)

How do you get the apple email? I never get it and they are always full! Any advice.

Shannon said...

Hmmm, make sure it is not tagged as junk mail in your computer. Ours always comes directly to our in box. Did you buy your computer in the store or on-line? Apple LOVES to send e-mail teasers about new products and classes, lol.

Nancy M. said...

Great pictures! It sounds like y'all had lots of fun. Can't blame them for getting tired at the end. I haven't been to Riverbanks in forever.

raising4boys said...

Zoos are great! Haven't been in a while. Beautiful picts :)