Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This was taken immediately after the hubs almost fell off of the sand tube. If you click and enlarge you can see all of the boys laughing hysterically.
Same night. Land breeze=no-see-ums. I couldn't stand in one spot longer than a second on the beach.
Golf corse sprayers running during a rain storm. (this was the view from our back deck, this was also where we saw the alligator one day)
Landon getting caught "working" on the beach. Checking the radar and the market for the day.
Landon, again, working on the beach. I think he was talking to his crop insurance man. See the chair he is sitting in? He broke that chair the following day. Wish I had a shot of THAT. His expression was priceless!


Cliff said...

Great vacation pics S. Thanks for taking us along.

Nancy M. said...

It's beautiful there! But those bugs drive me nuts!

raising4boys said...

Love that first picture! I think the hubs was just playing on his iphone, lol.

Thanks for all your fun comments on my blog. I can't believe the buddies climbed out the crib at 10 months, but how sweet they slept together...awww!

And the jack-o-lantern cracks me up.

twin power mommy said...

THose pics of Landon remind me of one that i got of Chris...on our vacation...WORKING!
Yup, my man works 24/7...people always calling, always an emergency...always SOMETHING!

There's never a moments rest...well okay, maybe a moment, but that's usually it!