Friday, July 17, 2009

Old Baldy

While we were on the island, we visited the Bald Head Island lighthouse, called "Old Baldy". It was replaced by another lighthouse that was torn down and replaced by the Oak Island lighthouse.
Looking down the stairwell, which got narrower and narrower the higher you climbed, and ended with a ladder that goes up through a very small hole to the top. I had a mini breakdown in the top, with all of the kids crammed into a small area with a hole in the floor. My "oh-so-kind-and-supportive-hubby" made a video of the whole thing, lol.
The boys in the top. Want to know why they are smiling? The hubs called me a sassafras, and everyone laughed. I can feel the love people. (the green stickers say "I supported Old Baldy")
The Bald Head Island Conservancy. This had many neat animal species, some alive, some in jars, for the kids to look at and touch. They also do day camps here.
This is where the other lighthouse was. It was an all metal structure. They left this much for people to walk around and see. I wish I would have taken a shot of the parking lot. Seeing 10 golf carts parked in a row, with various beach things is cute. It is also harder than you think to find yours, lol.


CrystalW said...

There's a video...gotta see it! How tall was the lighthouse? We climbed the one at Tybee Island and I thought I was going to die. When we got back to the bottom, I couldn't breath and I was wringing wet and it was in November.

Shannon said...

It is short for a lighthouse. That is why it was replaced. But I was still out of breath, and it is 100 degrees in there. I was like, geez, this has got Zumba beaten hands down, lol.

Shannon said...

You can see the vid next time you are here. I am NOT posting it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to my oldest child! I love you and hope you have a great day! I'll give you your card Sunday night when you bring the buddies over.

Cliff said...

I like you and your husbands style. You know how to have a good time. Your kids are fortunate.
I read the whole thing, great trip.

twin power mommy said...

You mentioned gotta post it!!! Dying to see it!!!

Tight spaces start to freak me out, too!
Happy (late) B-Day, girl!