Friday, July 31, 2009

Farm Fridays

I can't believe it is the last day of July already! My our month has been full. VBS, Bald Head, Challenge, Apple Camp, Georgia, and then catching up on everything that fell by the wayside all month, lol. One of those being catching and hauling the cows.
The hubs is building a corral to catch cows that can be moved from pasture to pasture. Our cows can clear the current one. It has to be seen to be believed, if you have never seen a cow clear a high, wooden fence. It is quite the sight and unbelievably frustrating.
All the triangles you see will have hog wire on them from our old hog lot. Hopefully, it will hold all the ladies while we separate and load the bulls and calves. Cross your fingers.
On another farm tidbit, the boy is our new hired help. It is quite cute to watch him try to get a certain number of hours each week. Last Friday when we were packing he said, "I only needed 30 more minutes to get ten hours!" On the plus side, he is learning the value of a hard earned dollar, and didn't ask for one single thing on the trip.


Ralph said...

Good hired help is getting harder and harder to find. Sounds like you are getting your money worth. (Got here via Cliff)

Shannon said...

Ralph, well said!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like we won't see you before we leave on vacation, then we'll return and you'll be gone. I'll try to leave Wyatt's birthday card at the beach on the table. You guys have a great vacation.
Love, Mom

twin power mommy said...

Hired help, eh?!
That's pretty awesome. I think it's great that our kids learn that we have to "participate" to be a part of the family.
He's learning skills that will set him up for something in the future!
Tha's so great!

Nancy M. said...

That's so wonderful that y'all are helping him to learn to work at such a young age.