Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

Sunday, the Coca Cola 600 was cancelled for rain for the first time in 49 years. This was the 50th anniversary running of it at the Lowes Motor Speedway. It was postponed until Monday. (I,we, are NOT Nascar fans. Have never been to a race, etc.)
Sunday night, five free tickets for the tower fell into our laps. Landon and I decided that he and the big boys had to go. At least this once. He took Jason and Clay for the other two tickets.
A friend from up North was here, and had the tickets because it was his sons Make-A-Wish to go to the Coca Cola 600 and meet Junior. If you are from the South, you know who Junior is. His dad was simply, Senior, lol.
He had to fly back home on Monday to start his treatments for his cancer, so they gave us their tickets. Guess what? It was called for rain again.
So this no name won. Why? Everyone had gone in for a pit stop when they called the race. So, the boys didn't get to see the most exciting part of a race. The final 50 laps where everyone really starts racing and passing each other. And a wreck or two takes place. Oh well, at least they were dry, right?


Shannon said...

Okay, okay. There was a dress code and this was the only clean shirt with a collar that Wyatt had. They did not plan on dressing alike, lol.

Shannon said...

Oh, I left out the part where Angie pulled the guys out of the ticket line and took them on through like royalty. It pays to have high fluting friends, lol. Angie, can't wait until Sunday!

Anonymous said...

High fluting....now I've been called alot of thing's but hey


Pleasure meeting y'all

Hope you atleast got your money's worth dB)

CrystalW said...

I didn't really have anything to report for Monday, but I just did a post for today. Landon asked Chad to go to the race, but he had already told Danny that he would help him work on his tractor. It looks like they had good seats. The last time we went, our seats were terrible. We ended up leaving before it was over.

Shannon said...

I was just giving you a hard time, Crystal. They stayed for the whole thing because Landon said he was never going back, haha. So now he can say he saw a whole race, start to finish.

Nancy M. said...

Wow! I am so jealous! Even if it was rain delayed and shortened, I would have loved to go to the race. Especially if I got to stay dry like they did. It is a lot more fun when you get to watch a real finish!

Anonymous said...

I was so jealous! While they were nice and dry, I was wet and draging this girl out who was throwing up and flashing folks! I guess you can't win them all!

c u Sunday!


Shannon said...

Angie, that is funny! You have to admit, it is not a boring job, lol.