Friday, May 22, 2009

Farm Fridays

Soybean planting has begun, and the new equipment is really paying off.
(if you are a farmer, you will notice the seed extenders so he can put more seed in the boxes)
Yesterday the hubs came home to fill up the 4840, and told me that he had planted 80 acres already. Then he asked me if I could go to John Deere tomorrow. And it begins.


Cliff said...

Ah...the new planter and the wedding tractor.
My neighbor only spent 2 and 1/2 days to get my beans planted with a planter that was the same size.
He did have some big fields to work with and they were all close..

Cliff said...

I forgot...Our JD dealer is so far away now that they deliver big orders and put them in my shop and the small stuff they drop at a service station in town.
I usually only have to make the 45 minute drive a couple of times a year when I can't wait for delivery.

CrystalW said...

A bigger planter means he can get done and have more time at home...not!

Shannon said...

Yeah, yeah, that was the plan, lol.