Friday, May 8, 2009

Farm Fridays

After a wash and a wax.
(Hey, is that my mopping bucket? Nothing is sacred around here.)


CrystalW said...

A week or so ago, your post was about washing your car. You need to paint it green and yellow and put it over at the shop, then it would get washed, lol. I stopped buying mop buckets because mine would always disappear too. Now I just use the sink when I need to mop, but that means dragging a wet mop all over the house and running back and forth.

Nancy M. said...

It does look a lot better washed. Not that it will stay that way to long, probably.

Shannon said...

Crystal, that is a good idea. Nancy, yep they are making hay now so they are dusty, but not muddy.

Shannon said...

On the beard pic below-
Year? 2006

Crystal- don't give him any ideas, been there done that. He looked like Abe Lincoln.

Why was he so shaggy- to irritate me, lol.

That night he shaved it all off. He looked like a 14 year old. The buddies didn't know who he was for about 30 minutes.