Monday, April 6, 2009


This week is kindergarten sign-ups for our elementary school. I just copied the buddies birth certificates (the one with the raised seal, not the one with the foot prints), their shot records, kindergarten physicals, social security cards, my drivers license, my vehicle registration, and our power bill. The last two are to prove that we live in this school district legally, because so many people want to be at our school and it is already over-crowded. Did I forget anything? Do other states require so much paper work just to enroll in a public school? Oh lord, a grain truck just came to get loaded. It is not looking like the hubs is going to be able to go and help fill out the four pages (front and back) to complete the enrollment, and sign up for a seat on the bus. Stay tuned.


Nancy M. said...

Wow! It does sound like a lot. But, I have a terrible memory, so maybe I did do all of that. Good luck!

Shannon said...

It wasn't enough. They don't think we live where we live. Even though we already have two kids going there. We were sent home. Like the hubs said, it would probably be easier to enroll our kids if we were illegal immigrants. They seem to have more rights than we do!

Shannon said...

Did I mention that they also ride the bus to and from school every day. SHEESH!!!!!

BE said...

Yep, we have to have all that too (except the drivers license and it's a utility bill, tax form or something from your mortgage.) Fun stuff. :( Did you have to have your info notarized? We did, I thought that was weird.

Montee said...

Lordy me yes, the paperwork is like writng a novel! It was that way in Tennessee and the same here in Texas. Does anybody really read all that stuff? I don't think so.

Shannon said...

They read it today, and said NO. Because we don't own the home we live in and had no tax papers to show for it. I told them it was a family home but just not in our name. No good.

Anonymous said...

See, You're supposed to homeschool or send them to Carolina Christian. Oh well, I can try.

twin power mommy said...

Yeah...perhaps your mom is right...maybe this is a sign from God saying that you need to homeschool.
We, too (in So. California) had to do the same stuff.
For my girls, because they go to a charter school, i had to put their name on a wait list when they were 1&1/2. They BARELY made it into the school.
They have only 40 students that they accept the kindergarten year.
If you don't already have a sibling going there, the chances of getting in are very difficult.
PRAISE GOD, my girls got in at #39 and 40!!!
The school they go to is such a many of the teachers there are Christian's, alot of the families are as well.
Almost like a private education without the tuition!!! :D