Thursday, March 5, 2009


Yesterday, when Levi returned to school, he found out that his Math teacher had misunderstood and he was not given all of his work. He called me over to the table for help. They have been doing Geometry and graphing stuff. I mean... how hard can it be, right? So he shows me the problem and it says, if the figure ADG is rotated 145 degrees counter-clockwise, what are the new coordinates? I take a moment. The boy is staring at me intently. Waiting for some type of answer. I had nothing. What in the crap is this talking about? Finally he broke the silence with, "MOM I'm waiting." I replied, "As I see it we've got two options." "Yes?" he asks. "I can either drive you over to Mrs. Eudy's house so she can teach us both how to do this, or you can use one of your 34 homework passes." I said calmly. "You don't have a clue do you Mom", he says. "Nope, I fully realize my math capabilities and this is not one of them", I said proudly. "I choose the pass," he replied. "Good choice", I said.
Boy are we in trouble!


Cliff said...

I tied on a breathing mask when I read youf blog about being sick. Phew.
I'm glad you're back among the living.
Yep my grandkids do homework in the 4th grade I swear we tried to do in High School.

raising4boys said...

My boys are younger than yours and I've already had that look a few times. We are just out of practice. I have relied on the internet to look up things to refresh my memory. Thank goodness for Google.

Leigh said...

you turn ADG upside down (180 degrees) and then plot the coordinates. I'm pretty sure that's right :). Though, I'm an English teacher, which my students constantly remind me is a good thing considering my limited math abilities. see you next weekend!

Shannon said...

Although I realize I put 180 degrees it said 145 degrees. I know how to do the 180 degree ones, lol.

Anonymous said...

I'm a math teacher, and my comment is, "who cares what the new coordinates will be!" It is so worthless to learn this. I teach it and have to review it every time since I haven't rotated anything 135 degrees lately or maybe never. Love, Mom

Amanda said...

Ahhh, geometry. I don't remember trying to do that stuff until 10th grade though. Poor kid. Why don't they teach our kids more practical math. I can honestly say in all my 29 years the only time I had to plot coordinates and rotate objects was in 10th grade geometry class.

Nancy M. said...

I am in rel trouble. I homeschool and don't understand all of that. I have some serious studying to do!

twin power mommy said...

I dread the day i can no longer help with math.
Chris will be able to help for a tad longer.

I know there are a couple of really cool websites out there that show step by step instruction on geometry-type problems and algebra-type problems.
Perhaps that might be handy to check out?!